Celebrating phenomenal black Britsh talent

I co-founded an event called the Black Magic Awards. Created in 2017 by myself and Kojo Anim, the Black Magic Awards isn’t about competition. There is no voting – everyone who crosses the stage is a winner and has a seat at the table. A selection of bold, brilliant black men and women who stand as vanguards in their chosen fields, are selected each year to be honoured. They have worked tirelessly, raising up themselves but are often overlooked by mainstream award shows. That’s why the Black Magic Awards was created. There was an aching vacuum that needed to be filled, black British professionals needed to be celebrated as we often look to the US for role models and examples of black excellence, when we have talent right here on our doorstep.

The evening centres around a prevailing sense of sister and brotherhood, celebrating the winners’ successes. It is a night where we get to raise up those who have paved the way and provide a platform for them to speak their truth.

The speeches on the night take people on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the honourees share their journeys. This fun, inspiring and unifying evening is one of very few events where generations of one family can attend and enjoy together. And it creates a space for young black women and men to see that it is possible to strive for and attain success in a myriad of fields, inspires the next generation but also acts as a reminder that there is still a lot more that needs to be done.

The Black Magic Awards

Celebrates the accomplishments of women who represent inspirational and positive role models making a difference in the world and paving the way for black people to succeed in a variety of industries such as entertainment, the arts, sport, business, fashion and their local communities

Inspires the next generation of talent wanting to realise their dreams and ambitions

Empowers people to be fearless in how they are represented

Recognises that gender equality is worth fighting for and transcends stereotypes and challenges unconscious bias

Showcases the very best in black entertainment from music, comedy to dance and spoken word

Tickets for the Black Magic Awards are out now: