Where to party hard with your kids

Before I had my baby girl, I was out on the town a lot. But not clubbing, I was attending quirky things like crazy golf, hip hop bingo, rnb karaoke and countless brunches from comedy, reggae to UKG. Now I have a little human I still want to be out the house having fun but now I would like her to be with me. So this is how I discovered that there are promoters that put on raves for parents and their kids. Mind blown, but esttic to realise that I could whine my waistline to the baseline and bring the baby. I’d just have to leave that cheeky glass of prosecco that I like to have when I’m out to occasions when little miss isn’t with me. Although, at Bring Your Own Baby day drinking was encouraged and lots of mums gladly shared a bottle of vino. No judgement, being a mum is wonderful but hard work so if there are times you want to take a break and party in the day. Then these are the events for you.

Raver Tots

The daytime family fun block party where you can party with child-friendly hip hop, funk and disco anthems. Fancy dress is encouraged by not required. If you’re into rap this jam is for you.

Just Vibez
If you want to experience the Caribbean flavours of reggae, dancehall, calypso and soca, Just Vibez are known for the carnival day parties. They usually have a time where they focus on children and showcase the All ages, everyone welcome to feel the vibes.

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy
A funny, friendly afternoon
of top comedy, and you can bring your baby! They provide soft flooring, toys, buggy parking and baby changing at all of their venues, so that your baby is happy and you can relax, have a drink and be entertained!
If you need to whip out a bum (the babies please!) a boob or a bottle you will feel comfortable to do so. Each month a brand new line up of comedians are featured.

Baby Brunch